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Smoking Cannabis – Should I Use a Vape Pen or a Bong?

Smoking cannabis has been popular for years. However, recently it’s picked up in popularity thanks to more research about its benefits and increased legalization across the world.

There are many ways to consume weed, whether you want to enjoy it recreationally or experience its many potential health benefits (or both!). One of the most popular ways to use cannabis is through smoking.

The Potential Dangers of Smoking Weed

Smoking cannabis can be done through rolling a blunt, using a pipe, or the age-old bong. As medical research progresses, it has been discovered that smoking may also one of the most harmful ways to use cannabis.

It is important to note however, that it isn’t necessarily the cannabis causing these side effects, rather the culprit is the process of burning the herb, also called “combustion.” (Although it’s very important that you only use cannabis from reputable sources to make sure it doesn’t include any harmful additives.) The burning of the marijuana can result in long-term pulmonary symptoms similar to chronic bronchitis because of inflammation in the airways.

Other Options for Using Cannabis

Because of the potential harmful side effects that come from smoking weed traditionally, some people have switched to other methods to enjoy cannabis. Edibles, gummies, and THC oils are just a few of the many different product options out there. However, if you’re used to experiencing the effects of THC (the intoxicating component in cannabis) almost immediately from smoking weed, you may want to consider using a vaping device.

Inhalation is the fastest way to experience marijuana. Consider swapping out your bong or pipe for a vape pen if you want quick onset but less harmful effects.

What is a bong and how does it work?

If you’re not familiar, a bong is a tool used to smoke cannabis. They have been around for years and years. In fact, excavators recently discovered that tribal chiefs in the Iranian-Eurasian Scyth tribe smoked from golden bongs around 2400 years ago!

Today, most bongs are made from glass, although there are many different designs available. Most bongs have a piece sticking out from the side where you place the cannabis and light it, a section that holds water on the bottom, then a tube reaching upwards that releases smoke and steam that you inhale.

Bongs allow users to inhale smoke quickly and in large quantities due to the size of the mouthpiece attached to the bong. To avoid too much pressure on the user’s lungs, bongs typically have water in the bottom that cools the smoke before inhalation. Although this cooling does help out your lungs somewhat, the smoke can still cause irritation.

What is a vape and how does it work?

A vaporizer, commonly referred to as a vape, is an electronic smoking device that heats up a liquid and forms vapor that is then inhaled. When it was first introduced to the recreational smoking market, vaping was just a way to ‘smoke’ flavored vapor. But, with evolutions in the design and functions of vapes, dry herb vaporizers have become popular.

There are now vape pens that allow you to smoke THC oil and vaping devices that can vaporize dry cannabis herb instead. Many can fit in your pocket, making them a convenient option for smoking wherever you may go.

Vape vs. Bong

So, what are the biggest differences between a vape device and a bong? Here are just a few:

1. Vaporizers smell better

One of the most annoying parts of smoking weed is the smell. After taking a hit, the smoke surrounds you and fills the room. Your clothes likely smell like weed and your room does too. Using a vaporizer can greatly reduce this smell. In fact, many vape devices emit little to no smell at all.

2. Bongs are not as portable

Because of their size and shape, bongs are not very portable. A vape pen can easily travel with you in your pocket.

3. Vaping releases less respiratory toxin

Although more research needs to be done on the effects of vaping, many sources find that smoking vaporized cannabis is less damaging to your lungs than smoking with a bong, blunt, or pipe. This is likely because smoking requires burning the herbs, which produces harmful toxins. Vaporizors use internal coils that head up the herbs until vapor is produced – no burning occurs.

4. Vaporizers may produce stronger effects

Some preliminary research shows that using a vape device may lead to stronger effects because it often delivers greater amounts of THC (the intoxicating component in weed). For seasoned smokers, this can be exciting! However, if you’re new to cannabis, take it very slow as you may experience heightened effects from the cannabis almost immediately after vaping.

In conclusion, vaporizers are an alternative to bongs that you may want to consider. Because they don’t burn the cannabis, they don’t produce as many of the harmful components that traditional smoking does.

Again, in order to ensure your health and safety, it’s very important that you only purchase marijuana from reputable sources to avoid getting herb that is laced with other substances or that may include harmful additives. Also, if you’re new to cannabis, start out with small amounts and pay attention to how you feel before increasing amounts.

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