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Is there a role for CBD in Insomnia in older adults?

Two recent articles one by Minerbi et al on Medical Cannabis for Older Patients. Drugs Aging published in 2019 and another by Beedham W et al on Cannabinoids in the Older Person 2020 discusses Insomnia in older adults which is described as a common condition in the elderly. Patients have difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, and report poor sleep quality and it is considered to be multifactorial in nature. It is well known that Endocannabinoids play a known role in circadian rhythm regulation, but is there a role for CBD in insomnia? A large review from 2017 reported the therapeutic potential of CBD for insomnia (possibly due to anxiolytic effect), REM behavioral disorder, and excessive daytime sleepiness.

Scientific and pre-clinical studies suggest a role for cannabinoids in insomnia, but there are currently NO high-quality studies to support its use. If, after discussing with your physician the use of CBD, the best formulation for the treatment of insomnia is CBD with low or absent THC. THC may impair sleep quality over long-term use. Please note that any abrupt discontinuation of THC may result in withdrawal and will worsen insomnia.

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